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How do you want to print?

Print resolution

What resolution would you prefer?

We're planning on supporting greater resolutions, but in the distant future.

Image cropping

Would you like the image to be cropped so that it can fit the whole page?

Usually pictures need just slight bits cropped either from the sides or from the top and bottom, in order to fit the whole page. In most cases, neither cropping nor leaving the image as is will make an obvious difference.

Paper size

What paper size would you like your printout on?

Pretty soon we're gonna offer A6 sized printing and hopefully before Christmas, A3, too.

Paper quality

What kind of paper do you want your printout on?

Printout sharing

Would you like to share your printout with the other users?

Please see our Youtube channel to get an idea of what the video recording will look like.

The recording can be posted on Youtube or Vimeo, please specify where you want it posted in the additional comments box. By default, it will be posted on Youtube.

Mailing options

What kind of shipping option would you like?

Please note: if you are buying more than one print, choose non-priority for the second print and after that. They will be sent in the same envelope.


Where should we send the package?

Your e-mail address will be used for communications regarding your order and will not be shared with anyone else.

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