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About & contact

You might have noticed that there’s two of us, stimpson and thypope. We’re not related, just former colleagues from school. Tech savvy since we were kids. For example, stimpson was very fond of big, powerful old machines like old army trucks (actually they looked more like armored personnel carriers), old trucks and old cars. Newer cars were not so impressive to him, as they were less powerful, smaller and looked less massive, thus less awesome.
Both of us were fascinated by computers and quickly learned a lot about them after we each got one. We both have our stories to tell about what happened that time when, and how it was to play whatever game without that cool piece of hardware craved by people back then, or how it was with specs close to minimum, sometimes even below minimum.
Stimpson got his nickname because he’s very fond of Ren&Stimpy, while Thypope got it as a derivative of an ancient nickname he used in network games: “The Pope From Rome.” He actually had to change that temporarily in network game sessions as a sign of respect for the memory of Pope John Paul II, when the latter passed away.
Both of us like the following cartoon series: Ren&Stimpy, The Tick, The Mask, Spongebob Squarepants and Fish Police. Thypope also kinda digs South Park, the Pink Panther cartoons and House, MD.

Without further ado, here’s Stimpson:

Stimpson from Tech Geriatrix

He is a programmer. And we have proof of that:


As a programmer, he managed to reverse-engineer a digital audio stream and program it into a completely analog sound emitter:

Anyway, here’s thypope as well:

thypope from Tech Geriatrix

There is currently no compromising video of him.
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