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People can’t even let Mr. Steve Jobs be buried peacefully

Posted on October 14th, 2011 in All and Everything

Okay, this is not an article related to Apple or their former CEO. The passing away of Mr. Steve Jobs already became a saga, somewhat expectedly. Each moment that passed afterwards was monitored and commented everywhere on the internet. Now, when he is meant to be buried, people still try to use him to score some popularity.

I personally think that most people posting how the world has lost a genius were only trying to score some attention for their own selves, or saying that kind of things in order not to fall out of line. There are also those who truly feel sorry that he died.

Well, I thought there would be trolls here as well. Actually I kinda half-thought about it. I assumed that no one would dare be the evil one and say oh, it’s a good thing he died, for whatever reason. No one would dare do that, I thought, because he was so popular and the products he designed are regarded as very successful.
Trolls insist on existing, though. I stumbled upon this news piece:

This is downright stupid, I thought. I mean, hating is really not the way to do anything. Whatever one’s opinions are, hate should be out of the question at all times.
But no. These people say they are doing this as a way to condemn them for “teaching sin to others.” Wow. So it’s a sin to own an Apple device, apparently. Because that’s what Apple does: sells devices.
However, Yahoo! points out that the message was sent via Twitter for iPhone. Oh, that’s so cute and hypocritical. But wait! People said that to the lady who posted that the former CEO taught sin. She replied that it was God who created the iPhone and not Jobs. So…God taught Apple users sin by way of Mr. Jobs’ personality?! You have got to be kidding me. Oh, sure, you could say that Apple devices provide the temptation to grow attached to technology, you could say that their technology grows your laziness bigger and bigger, but Apple teaches sin?! Wait, no, actually, the Apple CEO teaches sin?! This is a good one.

But there’s more. Their group, called Westboro Baptist Church, picketed the funerals of US soldiers who have fallen in battle. The reason? They are supposedly trying to warn people to “flee the wrath of God’s destruction.” Eeeeew. As if soldiers go into battle because one day, they decide to kill some people. As if they don’t go there because they are ordered to, instead they’re supposedly enjoying it. Mr. John McCain said, during the US presidential race of 2008, that he visited the areas where the US had troops, more specifically Iraq, and the soldiers there told him that they don’t want their kids to go there and so, they should stay there for as long as needed, to solve the problem. He said that because his presidential plan was to solve the Iraq problem for good and then get the US troops out of there.
So, blaming the soldiers for wars tells a long story about how some people are divorced from reality.

But there’s more. These people, when they show up at some funeral or whatever event they feel like picketing, carry signs reading “God Hates You” and another sign that Yahoo! didn’t quote entirely, for obvious reasons: “God Hates Fags.” Oh, I’m pretty sure that’s what Christianity teaches people: God hates whoever doesn’t act like these people decide it’s morally acceptable to. Did Jesus say or imply this? I heard he was all about love and acceptance.
They say that one holy attribute of God is his hatred. This is a gem. Consider this: God, all perfect, all mighty, all powerful, capable of boundless love, but… he hates you. Well, only if these guys think you’re wrong, that is.
They might mean that the heavens are about justice, but just like virtually everyone on the planet today, they exaggerate things to the point where they become ridiculous. The latest target they found, it seems, is the former CEO of a company selling electronic gadgets. As if people ever were forced to buy them, or as if they never had any alternative.

There’s yet more. On their Wikipedia page, their views on others are detailed!
So, Catholics are vampires because they supposedly suck semen out of male boys. And they rape children. So, the entire Catholic priesthood molests children and they are also all vampires.
Both Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians are wrong because they venerate the Virgin Mary and saints and that is idolatry. Okay, that probably means that the saints didn’t do anything exceptional and were not better people. They were probably chosen as saints in some contest, possibly named Christians have Talent.
They say Mary was just an average human chosen to give birth to Jesus and nothing more. Funny, I heard she left this world by flying up to the sky, with her human body and all that. Pretty sure I haven’t heard of other average humans do that.
Their main problem with the Eastern Orthodox Church is that these people venerate icons. Seriously, I live in a mainly Orthodox country. I know the answer to that since I was in the 5th grade. And I’m not a Christian, either. Christians don’t worship the icon, instead the icon is a representation of the saint in question. Their heart prays to the saint. And this is the widely known explanation. A less-known explanation is that icons are usually enchanted by the saint in question anyway.

What got my eye is their view about India. They say that God hates India. Aside from that being ridiculously wrong, the really fun part is why they think so. It’s because 80% of Indians practice Hinduism and that’s not Christianity, so it’s idolatry, they worship false gods. That, in turn, inevitably results in a country full of fags and fag-enablers!
They probably need to see shrinks, each of them.

Or maybe there’s another explanation. Maybe, just maybe, they are scared out of their minds. Yes, the surrounding society is a scary place. Everyone tends to be greedy, to not think about the next guy, to dismiss family values and only consider sexual pleasure, to seek any kind of substance that might produce pleasant sensations, to become attached to electronic devices and even to socialize from behind a computer screen – the perfect hideout for the anti-social man who does feel the need to reach out to other fellow human beings, or even for the people with massive egos who always have to show how great they think they are.
Yes, these people might be so unbelievably scared of all those, that they maintain an airtight community where none of that happens and are unbelievably aggressive to the “outside world” because they think other people can’t control their selves properly.

Or maybe, just maybe they’re attention-whoring egomaniacs, who love to read articles written about them and TV news pieces done about them, because the more media coverage they get, the more chances there are of their little community never ceasing to exist and growing and growing until someday, maybe they dream of becoming the predominant religion in the world and the members of their community from today would be as powerful as the Vatican is. Who knows.

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