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15 Minutes Alone. With an iPad.

Posted on October 2nd, 2011 in Opinions

I’m alone, in my office. I have some bugs to fix. Many bugs. And today, the planets have aligned to give me the most annoying things to do, on purpose. I have to take a break, so I go to the living room, for a short walk. The company I work for runs in a rented apartment, yes. A big one.

My mind is blank, I think about nothing, I want nothing.

In the living room, there is another desk, which is operated by a colleague who is sort of an Apple Man. He’s got an iPad, an iPad 2, an iPhone and some kind of Mac thing. Book, Air, iWhatever, iDunno.
– Hi. Wassup?
– Nothin’…
– What’s that?
– Oh, that’s my other iPad.
– First or second gen?
– First…
– Can I?
– Sure…

I pick up the black, folded case and sit on the couch. Slide to unlock. I know this trick, I was an iPhone 4 user for a brief period of time. A big iPhone screen welcomes me. Like opening a book… Why is it bigger? Whatever…

– Did you buy all these apps?
– No, it’s jailbroken. I keep my new iPad 2 locked and use this one to try the stuff before buying it, says Apple Man.
– Oh…
Apple Man is a good guy, but kinda flat. It doesn’t bother me whatsoever, we get along in a civilized manner…

I see a crosswords application. I like crosswords, so I open it immediately. Three taps and a drag and I’m already solving it. After mixing up some vocabulary, I get bored. I want something else. I push the only button in front and I’m teleported back to the main screen, instantly.

I see a Garage Band application. Sounds cool… I tap. Seconds later, I’m in. What took you so long? It takes a while to find my way arond this app. I choose a guitar, a drum… Play. Wow, that’s cool. I choose another instrument. I’m confused, this app is kind of slow and I’m not sure my taps are acknowledged.
– This Garage Band app sure takes up all the juice!
– It runs a lot better on my iPad 2, says Apple Man.
– Oh…
Tap, tap, drag. I’m on the Home screen again. What the heck?
– I think it crashed.
– It happens…

I want Internet. I open Safari. Big screen, big keyboard, easy to type. I go to some website, tap, wipe, exit. Enough Internet, I want something else.

I try to imagine what it’s made for. Or whom. It’s as big as a netbook and slightly less functional. You’ll need a bag, and a hand. Pretty cool, though. Battery lasts long…

I take my eyes off the screen for a blink. I’m alone. With an iPad.

I put it back in the case and rest it against Apple Man’s desk.
– That was interesting.
– Yeah…

I look through the window and stare into the colours. The iPad was cool. I want something else…

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