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ipod reader

iPod Reader

Posted on August 13th, 2011 in Rants

Like a year ago, the touch inventors from Apple expanded their minimalistic product range with a device that offered a much larger excitable area to play with. Yes, the iPad! Everyone was excited about it, it was the primitive species of a new race of portable document readers with a fancy interface. And everyone still is excited about it, in fact more and more ones are excited to excite that touch screen! Sleek and thin, you could almost fit it… into a bag… Anyway, myself being a skeptical square when facing new technologies, I wasn’t really excited, but I found Steve Jobs’ preaching very entertaining!

Moving right along the new evolution path as outlined by Apple, I got hit in the eye by an article about some Chinese geeks who made a device which adds the phone feature to the iPod. Of course, Apple got irritated about this heretic artefact and declared it evil. That is less interesting, but an idea started growing inside my head, taking more and more precious skull space. OK, so the iPod can be inquired for information via that elongated hole which serves as a port. Apple proprietary, to be more specific (is this port also an innovation?).

Following the Consumer’s Path even further, some 3 months ago I was exploring an electronics store with a friend of mine. The guy wanted to buy an awesome device, but he realized that given a sum of money, it’s harder and harder to choose a gadget to waste it on. He wanted an eBook reader at first, but then changed his mind and thought of iPhone. “No, too expensive, maybe iPod… Too complicated, too much of a toy, I want the eBook reader back…” That stuff really started to irritate me, so I started fabricating customer suggestions. Being struck by the usefulness and consequent need for such devices, I had a revelation: why not buy an iPod Reader? He was too busy retrieving his eyes from the variety of packed circuits capable of doing this’n’that, so his brain had a tough time receiving and processing my innovative idea. After a weird latency, he turned back to me and said: “What?” “Buy an iPod reader”, I said. “What’s that?” “Well, it’s a device with a screen that is larger than the screen of the iPod. You plug in your iPod and you wil be able to view its content!” “Yes but… why should you… ah, nevermind. Seriously now, don’t you have any real suggestion?” “Suit yourself…”

Noticing the enthusiasm of my undecided friend about the iPod Reader, I thought that this idea must not remain unheard of. I spread the idea amongy my other techward friends so that everyone will share my joy of discovery and innovation. They all thanked me for the iPod Reader, but no one could really find it. They were so confused, everybody wanted to touch it, to feel it, and I was so disappointed that the iPod Reader resists materialization.

Then, after weeks of hopeless dreams, the first light shed on the iPod Reader! It struck me with the power of an airhorn which sings at you in the middle of the night! Yes… It was the article that changed my life, my vision, The Prophecy came true! Asus invented the… Padfone! Is it real? Yes, it is! The Asian iPhonePad chasers got together and, during a full blow of the Ray of Revelation, invented the device which combined a touch phone and a tablet, and the tablet actually reads the content of the phone and shows it on a larger screen! Yes, all in one! The Phone Reader is here, no more restless dreams for me! The iPod Reader is not far away, it will surely come! We will finally be able to… watch content… from our iPods… on another screen… and, and… play the music, on another speaker… Oh boy, I can hardly contain myself!

Imagine, what a wonderful sight… You are home, with your touch phone, but wait! The 4 inch screen is too small, you can read your… content… on a bigger, 10 inch screen! Now that is portability, and processing power, in the same box! And you have all the software you need: browser, music player, video player, and… document reader, yes! And for a bit of extra money, even a document writer! Wow, that really is the device of the future! I mean, the laptop is dead for sure. It has a 15 inch screen, too big. And hefty. And that keyboard, who needs it? You can have all you want from a tablet. A laptop is definitely too heavy to carry, and the carrying bag is too big. A 10 inch tablet is much, much more portable. About 33% more! And a tablet that reads the content of your phone, and integrates with it perfectly? That is more than perfect! I mean, yes, a laptop can also read the content of your phone, but it does not fit perfectly, like the Padfone phone reader… Not even close!

And generally speaking, the tablet is like Steve said, the new PC replacement device. PC-s are big, noisy, and they can do too much. Who needs all that stuff? The tablet does a lot less, you do not need more than that, the applications are in one place, much easier to download and access, and the user is much more controllable. Yes, that’s a good thing, to be told what to do with the device that you paid for.

Well, that’s it, people. I’m gonna go ride the new wave now, and study the other whales in order to save them. You be nice to technology and embrace the new, because the new is good, and gives your life the periodic refreshment that you need.

Farewell and don’t forget to… Read the Pod!

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