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Feel free to submit announcements: for-sale, want-to-buy or seeking-info, depending on whether you want to sell a rare computer item or rare electronic item, or buy one. The seeking-info category is where you should post if you need information from a user manual or such, that you don't have. These ads are free and expire after 36500 days. Uh, yes, about 100 years. However, you are please asked to edit your ad if your problem has been solved. Especially in the case of "seeking-info" ads, we want to know what the solution was, but most importantly, other users might want to know the solution. When both posting and when contacting the author of an ad, leave some contact coordinates. If it's a transaction, payment and shipping are both up to the two parties. We're only providing a platform so that people find each other to solve their problems.
Optimization guide for opencart stores

Optimization guide for opencart stores

Learn everything you need to know about how to optimize your Opencart store, how to improve your search engine rankings...
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